Road Blocks

Kindred in Christ,

Author Ruth Haley Barton describes discernment as an ever-increasing capacity to “see” the work of God in the midst of the human situation, so that we can align ourselves with whatever God is doing in our present. Yet if you are like me, sometimes you feel like you have already figured out what God wants you to do and already have a set plan in motion, and you forget about the need for ever-increasing discernment. And when roadblocks come up in our lives that cause our trajectories to feel “stuck” we get frustrated. The temptation in these situations is to either plow forward at all costs or give up and turn around. But what if the roadblocks in our lives were holy reminders to pause and reflect deeper? What if each time we felt stuck in a situation with our job, family, or community life, we utilized those spaces as a reminder that we do not always know exactly where God is leading and there is always a need for deeper discernment?

This week we will reflect on the story of Balaam (Numbers 22:21-35). A famous “seer” of the ancient world, yet, ironically, was unable to see that the Angel of the Lord was blocking his path. Balaam was so sure that he understood his mission that it took him awhile to be able to listen to his recalcitrant donkey and the roadblocks along the way. But through pausing, he eventually learned that God had greater plans for his life.

Join us as we continue in our series, Lessons from the Wilderness. I hope to see you on Facebook Live!

Alongside you,

– Rev. Paul Ortiz