Kindred in Christ,

I was very much looking forward to switching over to broadcasting/streaming live our worship services starting this Sunday, 9/12. I was anticipating connecting with each of you in this new way, and beginning our new worship series, Re-connect! Yet, despite best efforts from our hardworking tech team and worship team, we will not be able to do so until the following Sunday, 9/19. Ironically, we are experiencing some internet connectivity issues as we attempt to launch a series on connection—which has been all too common during this time of pandemic.

Since at this point it is also too late to put together an alternative, prerecorded service, we will instead be connecting in a very different way this Sunday, 9/12. Please find the Zoom link for Sunday morning worship gathering below, and click on it for a time of spiritual reflection and discussion. Also, I invite you to have some bread-like substance and coffee or juice ready, so we can commune and connect in the way of Jesus across space and screens in real time!  Zoom Meeting:

Here are the prompts for Sunday’s Zoom gathering:

What does connection mean to you?

When have you felt disconnection?

When have you been surprised by connection?

What might it mean to think of God as connection itself?

I pray that each of you are experiencing deep connection during this time of continued social separation. And I hope to see you in real time, this Sunday!

Alongside you,

Rev. Paul Ortiz