Name Changes

Kindred in Christ,

Have you ever had your name changed?

Many of us, when we marry change our name. We sometimes take the last name of our partner, or we hyphen together both names. But names change for other reasons, too. Have you ever had your name changed?

Some people change their nickname as they grow older. When I was young, my Spanish-speaking grandmother called me Pablito (which means “little Paul”). Later when my daughter was two years old, she began referring to me as daddy Paul. And while I would have found that name silly before becoming a parent, it provided profound meaning to my unfolding identity as a parent. Have you ever had your name changed?

Growing up, I had a good friend who went by a female name, that was until they came out as gender non-binary, and then they changed their name to match their true gender. Have you ever had your name changed?

Name changes are important. They signify life changes. A dramatic event that will never leave us the same.

In the scriptures, Sarah and Abraham have their names changed by God (Gen 17:1-8, 15-19). Their names are changed as they step out in faith into the unknown. As we will explore on this Sunday, it is crucial for God to rename them in order for them to live deeper into the unfolding vision God has called them into. Join us as we continue in our series, Lessons from the Wilderness, and reflect on what it means to be renamed by God.

Alongside you,

-Rev. Paul Ortiz