Meaningful Connections

Kindred in Christ,

This past week our neighborhood celebrated the opening of the new University District light rail station (pictured above). This marked a major milestone for transit in Seattle with three new stations in total—University District, Roosevelt, and Northgate. Since I began serving as your lead pastor, two emerging structural realities have always been on my mind and in my prayers, the opening of this new station and the redevelopment of our church building/community hub—each about a block away from the other. Thus, this past week felt like a major milestone for me personally, as well.

I imagine that in many ways, the Seattle community developers dreamed and struggled similar to some of the ways we have as a congregation. I imagine they too had to take risks and encounter setbacks. My continued prayer is that our new building will also serve as a concrete reality that helps our larger community be more connected.

This morning I was able to connect over coffee with a young woman that I initially met at an art making outreach booth we hosted on the day the new station opened. Among other things, she mentioned taking the train to our meet up and how she was interested in being part of a new small group that our Children and Families’ Minister, Gina Pacheco and myself will be starting in November. In our conversations, I was reminded of the many ways that our city not only desires connection but also is actively evolving and working to be more connected. I am grateful that we as a church get to be part of this growth with the future emergence of our physical building, and with the various ministries we are doing in the present.

My hope is that you too will experience meaningful connections in your life and celebrate the milestones that move you closer to God, neighbor, and your true selves. And I hope you will connect with us in real-time this Sunday for virtual worship; as we continue in our series, Re-connect! See you in the comments!

Alongside you,

Rev. Paul Ortiz