Healed to See One Another

Jesus’ Baptism by He Qi

Kindred in Christ,

This week we were reminded that white supremacy, patriarchy, and purity culture kill and destroy and cause so much pain in our world, especially to our Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander siblings.

This week we were reminded that young white men are being shaped by the false discipleship of racism and sexism inside churches that worship gun and country over Jesus.

This week I grieved deeply with my Asian family members and friends. And I was personally reminded of the great need to commit to learning from AAPI histories, leadership, and creativity, and to practice imperfectly, but with consistency, solidarity with all those who seek an end to the powers and principalities that create the conditions of the violence we witnessed in Atlanta.

This week I meditated on the story of Jesus’ baptism, and the fact that in those waters he heard a voice telling him he was fully seen and beloved by God. Even in the face of evil systemic forces, such as white supremacy, that try to erase our AAPI siblings, God sees each of us fully, and empowers us all to see one another fully, and to work toward ending anti-Asian racism.

May we continue to grieve and lift up our pain to a God who draws near to the brokenhearted and speaks liberation to our weariness and grants us eyes to see one another more fully.

Alongside you,

– Rev. Paul Ortiz