Creation from Chaos

Kindred in Christ,

During these uncertain times, I have been reflecting upon the ways the Spirit creates beauty out of the chaos of our lives. Indeed, I remember in seminary, I learned that the creation story of Genesis speaks of the Spirit of God creating everything from the tohu wabohu, which is the Hebrew phrase commonly translated as “formless void” but can also be understood as “chaos” (Gen 1:1-2). While the idea that God can create something out of nothing is powerful, I have lately been orienting myself toward a spirituality of creation from chaos.

As the Delta variant increases and our reopening plans diminish and shift, I need a God that can bring order and life out of all the mess. As your Lead Pastor, I have been discovering beauty in connecting with you online and socially distant, gathering for online worship, meeting up with new people for coffee, hosting Printmaking Pop-up booths at our local farmers market, and being open to the many things I could not have imagined I would be doing before the pandemic. My prayer for each of you is that even through the chaos of your lives, you too will be accompanied by the Spirit to be safe, responsible, and open to the creation of unexpected beauty and encounter.

Alongside you,

Rev. Paul Ortiz