Counting Stars

Have you ever tried to count the stars?

Even if you have never literally attempted to count them all, I know that many in our church community enjoy observing the constellations and marveling at their expansiveness. Stars have a way of reminding us that while we are significant to God, we are but a small part of a much bigger story.

While at first this may be a bit of a hit to our personal egos (the reminder that I am not the center of the universe), it also has the capacity to bring pure spiritual joy. Looking up at the magnitude of the heavens reminds me that God notices me even in the mist of such an expansive creation, and it also reminds me that God also notices countless others who have also stared up at the stars. God’s story of redeeming love is both about me and more than just me. And when I lean into that seemingly paradoxical reality, my soul, faith and dreams expand.

This week, we will kick of our new worship series, which coincides with our pledge campaign, titled Dream Big! And we will begin by reflecting upon God asking Abram to count the stars in the night sky (Genesis 15). I hope you will join us!

Rev. Paul Ortiz